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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  July 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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as we reported yesterday, many families are upset about losing the camps. the society told us it is filing for bankruptcy. >> the campers would not be listed as priority creditors. >> reporter: in its first comment the society says it is disappointed but it is negotiated to rescue the camps. >> we will make it happen. >> reporter: how solid is that? >> we have meetings going on today and tomorrow. and i am 75% sure we can make it happen in august. the attorney for some families say too little, too late. >> the families were told the camps wouldn't happen so they had to make other plans. >> reporter: before the program can be resser rected there could be another problem. the district attorney's office is already looking into the
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situation. >> i am not certain if it's necessary. i think it is appropriate. >> reporter: the society says the family fees didn't cover costs. >> all the money went to the camps. we have to reserve the camps, insulin, supplies. that's where it all went. >> reporter: the society plans an official announcement next week. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the board of education gave approval to a rule that give parents more of a say. it gives parents the right to petition for changes at public schools that fail to meet certain bench parks. -- bench marks. >> we make sure that parents
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will be respected with a voice that we possess. >> the rules take effect after a public comment period. survivors ofsurvivors of the ship wreck will become part of an investigation. ktvu's patty lee is live in san francisco where a memorial service was held for the only passenger confirmed dead. >> reporter: today's service was a chance to honor a life loss and for survivors to share their story as. >> reporter: outside the service of leslie yee survivors of the trip shared stories. >> that's the last thing i was thinking, i am going to die. >> reporter: he fears the fate of his other brother who is still missing. >> prosecutors are investigating this. >> reporter: they are the only
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survivors interviewed so far by authorities but investigators plan to interview others here in northern california because survivor stories conflict with the captain's version of events. >> it was helpful to hear the story how my father lasted for a while. >> it was good for me to walk in my father's last steps. and it helped with the healing process and closure. for the family of the 7 missing men, closer is allusive. the u.s. coast guard ended its search yesterday and the mexico navy called off its recovery efforts after they failed to find the wrecked ship again. patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. fundraiser is getting underway in san francisco for the two hikers held in iran.
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shane bauer and josh. they are trial is scheduled july 31. today is shane bauer 29th birthday. the fundraiser features his photography. money raised will go towards legal fees. . how patrol agents botched their monitoring of phillip garrido. ken pritchett is live. he sat down with the district attorney who just made public key evidence in the case. >> reporter: a sat down with the da. asked him why he released the documents, he says he wants to highlights the mistakes made in this case. mistakes that could have prevented the kidnapping in if
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first place. >> reporter: look at this video of phillip garrido with nancy garrido taping. this one of them stocking children. >> do you think anybody can see me? >> no. >> i see them. >> reporter: this is part of the evidence released by the da who says it shows the role of both. >> it's very clear that nancy was a willing and active participate in some of the things that he was doing. >> reporter: he released the evidence to highlight mistakes. one video shows phillip garrido taking a patrol agent on a tour of his home a tour that omitted the backyard where jaycee dugard was. he says a rape victim was ignored when she reported
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seeing phillip garrido. >> when katy telephoned patrol agents and said he had come up to where she was working and didn't go back into custody. >> reporter: if f she was listened to he might have been in prison when the jaycee dugard kidnappenning happened. -- kidnapping happened. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. and has complete coverage of the patrol issues, click on the jaycee dugard tab for video and more reports. police in arenda are going door to door to help make their homes more secure. more than 40 homes have been burglarized. that's double compared to last
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year. investigators say there are 3-4 groups of robbers. >> if you are going into someone's home you are willing to do anything. >> police say they arrested 21 suspects but the robberies have not stopped. advocates say medical conditions are worsening for inmates on a hunger strike. there was a press conference held today. officials say 670 inmats are on a hunger strikes. some say some prisoners are on the verge of kidney failure. >> the inmates are demanding better food, and an end to the practice of punishing a group when one person breaks the rules. college student arrested
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last month will not face charges. deshon marman was taken into custody june 15 after a flight crew asked him to pull up his pants and herefused. the da said the case does not belong in the criminal corts. super markets could face a lawsuit alleging it forced employees to work overtime without paying them. they rallied outside the store in san jose today. a former employee for the chain told ktvu channel 2 news he often had to work for 10 hours without a break. >> up to the management. but nobody was -- you know, who can represent or stick up for us. >> the attorney representing the workers will try to get the
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company to settle. a spokeswoman says they comply with all labor laws. think tank wants voters to alter the public pension system. the center began the process today to put three measures on the ballot. they call for ending collective bargaining rights, taxing new and existing pensions above $100,000 and raising the requirement age to 65. a spokesperson for one group calls the measures out of sync. ben bernanke gave the market as boost today. >> prepared to respond if an adjustment would be appropriate. >> he told congress those moves could include keeping interest
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rates at local lows. he still expects growth to pick up in the second half of the year. that helped wall streak end a losing streak. the the dow jones industrial average rose 44.73 to 12,491.61. the nasdaq rose 15.01 to 2,796.92. after the markets closed inivisters warned it may lower the bond rating system. there is a small chance the united states will debolton its debt but the risk is raising. meanwhile consider is prepared to boree $5 billion in short term loans if the government runs out of money. he wants to act before august 2. a new program launched in san francisco allows businesses to ban together to buy solar power system.
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solar is the first major program of its kind in the u.s. the more businesses that sign up the lower the price for the group. it also helps business owners with financing. you might not think of pizza but wait till you hear what we discovered. parents say it is changing the lives of their autistic children, the action taken by a major health insurer. it was another cool, moist day today with drizzle long the coast and around the bay. some things are changing and it will warm up. i will show you which days could be the warmest this week.
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. res dependents rallied today after a hotel to say they are fed up with years of crime in their neighborhood. a review of crime data released today shows that block has 35 times more violent crime than anywhere else in the city. they want more police to patrol the streets. a spokesperson told ktvu channel 2 news that plain clothes officers are pursuing drug dealers in the area. a warning in salono county. someone is calling residents claiming to be from the jury department. they say they asked their jury date and ask for their social security numbers. victims should contact police. pga are ordering safety tests to check the strength of
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its pipelines after earthquakes. they disclosed some pipelines could be vulnerable during a major quake. high pressure water testing and other maintenance is on going. 19 fast food chains are offering healthier options. the simple changes thad could make a big difference. >> reporter: it is a step in the right direction. parents can choose kids males with french fries or fresh sliced apple. we found some surprises. >> reporter: children eat a third of meals out. to a childhood obesey epidemic. burger king, chili's, ihop and
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friendly's and 17 other restaurants are offering healthier deals. the restaurants are responding to pressure. and now pledge at least one low sodium, low fat, lower sugar meal for children. 600-calories or less and less than 35% from fat. >> it's the beginning. >> she says better would be only healthy kids meals. >> parents will ask if they would like to substitute and have more frenchifies or more sodas. >> reporter: one of the 18. it says its chefs cook up choices to meet the new guidelines. >> me did an a analysis and figured out a number of our foods are perfect for the kids'
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daily meal. >> reporter: a salad, and curry chicken with yam pizza. assuming you can convince your kids to choose those. >> children will select high foot, high sugar foods so choice is a little bit outdated. >> reporter: that is the key message. parents must change the norm of their children's meals to healthy foods. the restaurants say not all items are available now but should be by the end of summer. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the statement department announced an agreement to cover applied behavior analysis today during a hearing on the topic. most insurers don't cover it because it's considered educational. patients are taught how to adjust their behavior in social settings. parence filled the room to tell lawmakers how beneficial it's been for their kids.
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>> when he receiverred his 30 hours he was able to go to school, he learned to speak. >> in addition -- >> the hearing was informational only. the bay area is a clean economy powerhouse. the san francisco metro area is third in the u.s. with 14,000 green jobs. the san jose area came in fourth with more than 6,000. california has the most clean jobs in the country with 318,000. marine county is eligible for help. the rainfall flooded streets and businesses across the county. when we shot this video on march 24. in april they issued a proclication for 19 counties but not marine. it was definitely drizzly
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today. not rain but mist and drizzle. the fire danger is down, temperatures are down and some folks are tired of this. we go outside and we still have clouds. with that wind, you see that arrow? that is pointing the direction of the wind, 23 miles per hour. you are pushing the moist air on shore. some places were cooler, some places were warmer and tomorrow about the same. aggressive drizzle this morning. by tomorrow we will see partly cloudy skies. 60s and low 70s. upper 70s morgan hill and vacaville. you got nowhere to go but up. it will get warmer. drizzle possible again. especially the east bay hills. the fog foot print tonight at
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midnight, it's a big one. like last night. tomorrow morning, this is the forecast modful fog, looks like it did this morning. the days similar. and they will be till friday when temperatures come up. with all the vag fog and cold air we got nowhere to go. temperatures will continue to dip a tad tomorrow and then go up on friday. you see the drop from the weekend and then down into thursday. the coolest day or like today and warmer friday. warmer for the weekend. forecast highs. there is the day time highs. no 90s. this time a year i expect reds and purples, those are 100s. but not happening. day time highs about where they were today. tomorrow just like today.
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friday will be warmer. for the weekend warmer still. not hot. just warmer. it is cool and it is -- >> we are on the way up. >> on the way uparve tomorrow. basketball great helped make dream as reality for youth today. >> just important they know there is somebody out there trying to help them. >> that's al. he was on hand as the warriors dedicated a new basketball court this morning. the court is at the oakland police school on union street. police say the sports and programs help give kids focus and confidence that they can succeed. hasn't happened in 12 years, the soccer play that clinched the world cup game today.
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. attorneys from both sides layed out their case in the roger clemens trial. roger clemens focused on his phone as he entered the courthouse. during opening statements prosecutors say his dna was found on a needle.
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roger clemens' attorney reviewed his career and says he excelled because of hard walk. not steroids. he is accused of lying to congress. when it comes to world cup soccer go team u.s.a. so much fun to watch. >> absolutely. every now and then comes a great story that has magic. the momentum continues as they follow up with a triism today and they got their fans. they score early in the 9th minute. heather with a nice pass to lauren. and team u.s.a. has a 1-0 lead. second half it's tied 1-1 with france. abby wambach, the hero from sunday, right there, put it in in the 79th minute and it is 2- 1. the french stunned because 3 minutes later they allow a
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breakaway. morgan with her first ever world cup goal. 3-1. team u.s.a. on to the final for the first time since 1999 when they won it all and they will take on japan on sunday for the whole ball of wax. the nfl negotiations between players and owners seem to be going well. they say there could be a settlement next week but there are still tensions. listen to this. he let his feelings be known towards roger goodell. he is the devil. i hate him. he said if that man was on fire and i had to urinate to put him out, i wouldn't do it. he was fined $100,000 last year for hits deemed illegal. expect another fine for him again. that's the sporting life.
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>> wow! >> good and bad there. >> thank you. here is what is coming up at 7:00 on tv 36. >> former bay area soccer players heads to the woman's world cup. what teammates and coaches have to say. and woman's world cup coverage continuess online, visit facebook where viewers are talking all about today's big-game. we want to hear from you, are you feeling the world cup fever? look for ktvu channel 2 news on facebook. denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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